From rookie to proficient in LED display, project budget only needs six steps

For some people, from the beginning of LED display screen design to the final decision, there is a part of the link related to the LED display project budget. If this part of the budget goes wrong, it will have a great impact on the follow-up work. Shenzhen LED display screen factory teaches you how to reach the goal in six steps, from novice to proficient in LED display engineering business budget.
step 1: calculate the engineering quantity of LED display screen. If you have a good idea, you can be prepared.
first needs to ask the engineering party for the engineering list, or compile the bill of quantities according to the field survey. If the bill of quantities is provided in the project bidding documents, the quantities shall be checked before the tender price is calculated. If the bill of quantities is not provided in the bid documents, the total quantities must be calculated according to the drawings. If the bidding document has provisions on the calculation method of the project, the calculation shall be conducted according to the specified method.
only when the calculation is accurate and you know what you know, you can be prepared and you will not make mistakes.
step 2: determine the unit price and calculate the total price.
in the tender offer, after calculating the quantities of each part and item, it is necessary to determine the unit price of each divisional and subdivisional project, and fill in the quotation according to the format of the bill of quantities in the bidding documents. Generally, the unit price and total price are filled in according to the contents of the quantities of the sub items and the name of the project. When calculating the unit price, all the cost items constituting the divisional and subdivisional works shall be included.
the cost of labor, materials and machinery should be calculated according to the consumption of labor, materials and machinery of divisional and subdivisional works and their corresponding market prices. Generally speaking, the contractor should establish its own standard price database and calculate the bidding price of the project. When the unit price database is used to bid for a specific project, it is necessary to review, evaluate and adjust the selected unit price, which means that it conforms to the actual situation of the bidding project and reflects the change of market price.
in each stage of tender price preparation, the tender price is generally calculated in the form of table.
step 3: determine the engineering cost of subcontracting LED display screen. The subcontracting cost of
is an important part of the bidding price. Sometimes, a considerable part of the bidding price of the general contractor comes from the subcontracting engineering cost. Therefore, when preparing the tender price, it is necessary to have a verified price to measure the price of the subcontractor, be familiar with the scope of the subcontract project, and evaluate the ability of the subcontractor.

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