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Cách thực hiện biện pháp phòng chống cháy nổ cho màn hình LED trong suốt

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Về công nghệ phòng cháy, led transparent screen mainly depends on the fire prevention raw materials and box process of transparent screen. Refractory raw materials include transparent screen inner wire, Nguồn cấp, fireproof materials, plastic kit and other aspects: in most transparent screen applications, the larger the area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the power on stability of the wire.
Among many wire rod products, the safety and stability of wire rod can be ensured only by adopting wire rod meeting the requirements of national standards. There are three requirements: the wire core is the conductive carrier of copper wire, the cross-sectional area tolerance of wire core is within the standard range, and the insulation and flame retardant performance of core-clad adhesive layer meet the standard. Compared with ordinary copper-clad aluminum wire core, the cross-sectional area of wire core is small, and the grade of insulation rubber is not enough, The charging performance is more stable and is not prone to short circuit.màn hình led hiển thị nhà máy (2)
UL certified power products are also the best choice for similar products. The effective conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of power load, and can work normally under the hot external environment; 3. Another important component of LED transparent screen fireproof raw materials is plastic bag.
The plastic kit is mainly used as the material for the bottom shell of the unit module mask. The main raw material is flame retardant PC glass fiber material, which not only has flame retardant function, but also can be used for a long time at low temperature without deformation and embrittlement. Indoor materials will affect the fire prevention effect. The external configuration and design are also very important, but the external configuration mainly focuses on the surrounding heat dissipation.

Cách chọn vách quảng cáo màn hình LED sân nhỏ

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Khi mua màn hình LED, những lưu ý khi chọn màn hình LED khoảng cách nhỏ: users should consider their own cost, yêu cầu, scope of application and other factors. Before buying a small spacing LED display, decide whether you really need a small spacing. It should be decided according to the actual situation.bức tường video dẫn linh hoạt (3)
1、 The prerequisite islow brightness and high gray”.
As a small spacing LED screen of the display terminal, we must first ensure the viewing comfort, so when purchasing, the primary consideration is the brightness. Relevant research shows that as an active source, LED has twice the brightness of passive light (projector and LCD) in terms of human eye sensitivity. In order to make the eyes look more comfortable, the brightness range of small spacing LED screen can only be between 100cd m2 and 300cd .
2、 When choosing point spacing, we should pay attention to the balance ofeffect and skill
Ordinary LED screens want to get good visual effects. Some people can only see the sight distance and small spacing LED screens. Users can simply measure P2 through sight distance = sight distance . Ví dụ, the viewing distance of P2 small spacing LED screen is about 6m.
3、 Select the resolution and pay attention to the matching with thefront-end signal transmission device”.
The smaller the dot spacing of the low spacing LED screen, the higher the resolution, and the higher the definition of the image. Trong thực tế, users want to construct a good LED display system with small spacing. Trong khi chú ý đến độ phân giải của màn hình, they should also consider the matching with the front-end signal transmission products.

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