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LED顯示器廠 (2)

The LED rental display screen market is just starting to take off and is a niche market that is not very promising. LED rental display screens have high requirements for the box, high design and mold costs, and low market demand, so most companies are unwilling to undertake such business. Some companies with foresight and advantages in structural design have begun to invest in this area (such as Big Eyes, Guangxiang, and Leiling, which have become synonymous with renting LED display screens).

LED顯示器廠 (2)

由於房租的原因 (比如P6) 高於 600 元/平方米, 租賃公司採購螢幕時對價格不敏感. 此時, 主要焦點是壓鑄鋁箱的便利性和美觀性之間​​的競爭 (IE. 結構性競爭).
LED租借顯示器比工程螢幕貴很多, 但良好的租金收入吸引了大量年輕創業家瘋狂投資顯示器租賃. 一陣子, LED租借顯示器 螢幕企業蓬勃發展、蒸蒸日上.
一塊P6 LEDLED租賃顯示器售價約為 1500 元/平方米 2008, 大約 1200 元/平方米 2009, 大約 800 元/平方米 2010, 大約 500 元/平方米 2011, 並且到了早期 2012, 大多數地方已經下降到大約 250 元/平方米. 同時, 下半年不到一年的時間裡 2011 和前半部分 2012, 中國LED租借螢幕數量成長三倍. 因此, 到2012年… P6租賃屏租金約為 150 元.

由於市場需求龐大, 幾乎所有銷售額都超過 20 百萬自產LED租賃顯示屏. With a broad perspective, companies such as Leiling, Guangxiang, Redio, Shijue, and Huiming have accumulated professional teams in the design, production, and sales of LED rental screens, forming their own advantages in box design; 2. Although companies such as Zhouming, Lianjian, Ruituo, Mairui, Yishida, Liade, and Lijing do not specialize in producing rental screens, they have also designed corresponding rental boxes based on their scale advantages and gained a certain share of the rental market business; 3. Kress, Xincai, Huijiarui, Tongpu, Decai, Haobo, Kemeixin and other companies do not have rental boxes, but their small scale has a price advantage and they also sell a certain amount of LED rental display screens.
We firmly believe in winning customers with product quality and brand benefits, focusing on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, providing competitive LED display solutions and services, and continuously creating maximum value for customers. Gathering industry elites, 擁有大量經驗豐富、高技能的技術和管理人才, 並擁有優秀的銷售團隊; 依賴精密的檢測儀器和設備, 建立了完整的產品品質控制體系, 涵蓋研發各個階段, production, 安裝, 和偵錯, 以及工廠的最終檢驗和合格; 依托強大的整合與團隊協作能力, Leiling Display has established strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign LED display raw material suppliers and sellers, achieving resource integration, complementary advantages, and efficient collaboration for modern enterprises; We adhere to the business policy ofcustomer first, quality first, reputation first, abide by contracts, and keep promises”, and work together with people from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a better future.