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LEDスクリーン工場 (1)

LED screens have witnessed the rapid development of the Chinese economy and the complete penetration of information technology in various fields. inadvertently, they have become an irreplaceable modern media communication method in the field of information display.

LEDスクリーン工場 (1)

The LED display screen industry in China has continuously made breakthroughs and innovations in full-color LED displays, 256 level grayscale video control technology, cluster non warp control, multi-level group control technology, and other aspects. It has made remarkable progress in technology and product design, and there is not much difference in technology compared to international first-class brands, forming a comparable situation.
しかし, due to the low entry technical barriers in the LED display screen, LED TV wall, そして LED electronic billboard industry, the production process of LED display screens is divided very finely from control systems to face shield design. By integrating the main technologies, one can become a manufacturer.
しばらくの間, the domestic LED display screen market presented a mixed situation. Many enterprises, in order to occupy the market, are willing to engage in price wars and strive to control their production costs, but their quality cannot be effectively guaranteed.
As Mr. Guan Peihua, Senior Manager of the International Marketing Department of Lighthouse (Zhaoguang Technology), said, “Currently, in first tier cities such as Shanghai, 北京, and Shenzhen, as the first batch of LED displays are being updated and replaced, customers are paying more attention to product quality and maintenance services, and their requirements for products are also higher than before.” したがって, theextensivemarket model can no longer meet user needs, It is precisely because of this market transformation characteristic that batches of first-class enterprises with high reputation abroad are seeking opportunities to enter the Chinese market and gradually establishing local teams in China, bringing huge impacts to the already fiercely competitive LED market. The reason why they bring tremendous impact is because they have many years of experience abroad, and their products have gone through mature market tests, forming an irresistible brand advantage.
Leiling Display Technology Co., 株式会社. has always focused on its brand benefits and product reputation. We mainly position our products in the high-end market and establish and promote our brand image. Our mission is to focus on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, provide competitive LED display solutions and services, and continuously create maximum value for customers. We have no scarce resources to rely on, only through hard work can we win the respect and trust of our customers.
In order to better meet customer needs, we are proactive and brave in exploring, adhering to openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, product, solution, and business management can only generate value when transformed into commercial success. We adhere to customer demand orientation and continuously innovate around customer needs.