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According to incomplete statistics, there are about 200000 LED screens of various shapes, sizes, locations, commercial and non-commercial in the Chinese market. However, the idle resources of large screens are also increasing. More than 70% of the LED outdoor advertising display screens have vacancy rates of more than 40%. Among them, the idle rate of small LED screens in buildings and businesses has also reached about 50%. Corresponding to so many idle advertising spaces, however, 80% of the advertising just needed is being ignored. The number of small businesses in China exceeds 55 million, and the total proportion of offline market is as high as 80%.

At the same time, with the impact of the form of multimedia communication and the decline of the value of large screen, large screen operators from crazy to rational. After the enclosure movement when the large screen market was just started, several major operators accounted for the majority of the market. The capital was more and more cautious towards the outdoor large screen, and the industry also entered a new stage of rational management from the beginning of the enthusiasm for resource pursuit. In this context, how far can the traditional big screen play go will become a question mark.

Multiple management as a stumbling block to the development of outdoor large screen

There is another important reason hindering the development of outdoor full-color display, that is, the multi head management of LED display. At present, LED displays scattered all over the country belong to different government organizations, enterprises and related media companies and individual operators, and they all exist alone. The owners of each LED display screen have different demands for the use of the display screen. Most of the operators simply take the LED display screen as the display carrier of their own information release. In addition, LED display screen also has high use and maintenance costs. Most of the time, most of the time, the LED display screen we see is either taken out when necessary, or it is boring to repeatedly display the same content, or turn off the black screen, which will cause LED display resources Serious idleness and waste.

After decades of development, LED displays have been installed in cities all over the country. However, the vast majority of these displays are lack of effective management, and most of them are idle. If the enterprises of LED display screen rent these idle resources for interconnection and joint broadcasting and control, they will activate the idle resources, which will have a great market prospect. After the display leasing enterprises do a good job in the interconnection of fixed display screens scattered in all corners, the sharing of operation on this basis will be of great significance to the LED display screen industry.

Innovation is necessary from technology to business model

The complex and tangled market environment puts forward new requirements for outdoor LED market and outdoor media resource providers, which requires that outdoor LED must be innovated and transformed from technology to business model to adapt to the market and maintain lasting competitiveness.

First of all, outdoor full-color display focuses on creative display, and modeling innovation is increasingly rich. It has to be said that the aesthetic requirements of users and customers for outdoor advertising are increasing day by day. The traditional LED advertising screen with single shape has been unable to meet people’s needs, achieve the expected display effect, and can not give people a shocking attraction. Landmark and creative LED screens continue to be popular and become an effective ornament for the development of more and more cities and business districts. For example, led sky screen, building curtain wall led, led special-shaped screen, led transparent ice screen, etc.

Mobile phone, computer and other ports, Internet plus operation, combined with the popular two-dimensional code, APP and other functions, to achieve the joint interaction between LED screen and audience, and stimulate the growth of audience interest, and enhance the growth of LED PC. Audience participation. The advertising industry is developing in the direction of precision, specialty and intelligence, which puts forward high requirements for hardware terminals and display technology. In order to comply with the trend of the times, LED display related software must be intelligent and platform-based control and management.

Finally, the outdoor full-color display screen from split to broadcast, to achieve thousand screen interaction. LED display screen and Internet are connected together to interconnect the national LED outdoor large screen, build a new ecological chain of information dissemination, and provide beneficial exploration for the interconnection of display screen. In the future, interconnection will create a new ecology of intelligent display. Outdoor LED large screen media in the network, digital, information platform direction of development, but also will bring greater space for development and innovation imagination.

In a word, although today’s outdoor full-color display screen market is no longer the same as before, and more strict outdoor advertising management and control may be carried out in more cities, but the outdoor LED large screen advertising market will not be stagnant from now on. Driven by creative display, technology upgrading, new business model and other products and innovation, the outdoor full-color display market is still very promising.

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