Working principle of full color LED display LED Wall

With the development trend of LED technology, the brightness of LED electronic display screen is also increasing, and the specification is becoming smaller and smaller, which shows that a large number of LED electronic display screen into the room will become an inevitable trend. However, due to the improvement of LED brightness and screen pixel density, LED screen operation and drive also produce new higher requirements. As far as the general indoor screen is concerned, the current common control measures are team sub control mode, which is commonly referred to as scanning mode. At present, the driving mode of LED electronic display screen includes static scanning and dynamic scanning. Static scanning is divided into static real definition and static virtual, and dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic real image and dynamic virtual;

In the LED electronic display, the ratio of the number of other lights to the number of all areas is called scanning method. The scanning is also divided, scan and other driving methods. In other words, the display drive method is not the same, then the setting of the receiving card is also different. If the receiving card was originally used on the quarter scan screen, now it is used on the static screen, then the display information on the display may be bright one line every four lines. Generally, the receiving card can be set. If you connect the key components such as push card, monitor and computer, you can set it by professional software on the computer. Well, here’s to introduce the scanning mode and basic principle of LED electronic display.

1、 Scanning method of LED electronic display screen:

1. Dynamic scanning: dynamic scanning is to drive the IC output to the pixel number to implement “point to column” operation. Dynamic scanning must control the loop, and the cost is lower than static scanning. However, the actual effect of displaying information is weak and the brightness damage is great.

2. Static scanning: static scanning is to drive the IC output to the pixel number to implement “point-to-point” operation. Static scanning does not need control circuit, and the cost is higher than that of dynamic scanning. However, the display information effect is very good, the reliability is good, and the brightness damage is small.

2、 LED electronic display 1 / 4 scanning mode principle:

It is the time for each column of switching power supply V1-V4 to turn on 1 / 4 time according to the operation regulation in 1 frame image. The advantage of that is that it can make more reasonable use of LED display information characteristics and reduce the cost of hardware configuration. The defect is that in one frame of image, each column of LED display information only 1 / 4 of the time.

3、 According to the type of LED electronic display screen scanning method classification:

1. Scanning method of full color LED electronic display screen in room: P4 and P5 are constant current 1 / 16, P6 and p7.62 are constant current 1 / 8.

2. Scanning method of outdoor full color LED electronic display screen: P10 and p12 are constant current 1 / 2 and 1 / 4, and p16, P20 and P25 are static.

3. The scanning methods of single and double color LED electronic display screen are constant current 1 / 4, constant current 1 / 8 and constant current 1 / 16.

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