Why is the price difference of abnormity LED display screen so big

LED displays have unique natural advantages in creative display. Led creative display screen has a broad development space, and the development potential of LED creative display is huge.

Nowadays, when it comes to creative display, people are no longer unfamiliar. In recent years, more and more creative LED displays appear in our life. In the major led exhibitions, we can also see a variety of LED creative screens, such as speaker screen, Mitsubishi rotating screen, diamond screen, spherical screen, etc.

&There are not many customers who have just entered the special-shaped LED display industry. Many customers think that the price difference is so big for the same type of special-shaped LED display screen. Why is the price of P3 and p2.5 much more expensive than that of P4 for the same size of ball screen, which is unacceptable?

&Let’s discuss the factors that affect the quoted price of molded LED displays.

&How to calculate the price of special-shaped LED display?

First of all, the space between the creative screen material points, the smaller the material point spacing, the higher the price, of course, the better the display effect. For example, the price of material P3 (the so-called P3 refers to the spacing between LED lights and lamps is 3 mm. The smaller the screen point spacing in the same area, the higher the density of LED lights in the special-shaped LED display screen) is obviously much more expensive than P4 and P5

Secondly, it is necessary to do waterproof treatment. Generally speaking, the design scheme of indoor irregular LED display screen has met the daily waterproof requirements, but outdoor LED must undergo special waterproof treatment, and the price of waterproof treatment is not cheap, which is also an important factor affecting the price.

At the same time, the difficulty of creative display screen customization and whether the program needs to re open mold design. If manufacturers have never produced this type of product, they often need to design production plans from scratch, which increases production costs. At the same time, the difficulty of the scheme customization and the complexity of the project are also factors that can not be ignored in the quotation. For example, a P2 spherical screen costs twice or more than P3 or P4.

Finally, a customized number of special-shaped LED display. The unit price of products with small material and customized quantity is often very high, and even some manufacturers are not willing to accept this type of order. Because of such an order, manufacturers usually need to arrange production. Because the quantity is small, but the complexity of the project is the same general scheme, manufacturers can not get economies of scale, and their own costs are high, so manufacturers must provide high price quotations.

Of course, there are more, such as whether the computer, installation costs, receiving card, sending card, box, business tax, freight and so on.

&Technological innovation is an eternal topic in the LED display industry. Only by constantly introducing new technologies and new products can we ensure the smooth completion of the industrial upgrading.

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