Which manufacturers can do intelligent transport LED display?

As we all know, the application of LED display is very extensive. In the research and development of intelligent transportation system, one of the main means to solve urban traffic congestion, ensure road traffic safety and improve the use efficiency of traffic network is to establish traffic guidance information system, which is also an important part of intelligent transportation system. Let’s learn about the features of intelligent transportation LED display screen!

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1. High brightness, reasonable angle of view

The release of road traffic guidance information is mainly for the driving vehicles on the road, and the visual angle of the display screen is not required to be high, which can reach about  35 ° on the urban road. The outdoor LED display screen of traffic guidance works continuously for 24 hours. In the case of direct sunlight on the surface of the display screen, the display content should be able to be clearly visible, therefore, a higher brightness is required. Under normal conditions, the visual distance is required to be about 200m.

2. The display color is mainly red, green and yellow

The information release of intelligent infromation led sign is mainly for the dynamic driving vehicles, and the driving vehicles stay in the visual distance for a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of complex multi gray graphics and animation content, and the display content is mostly text and simple graphic signs. Considering the common colors of traffic signs and signals, red, green and yellow display screens are usually used. Red, green and yellow colors can display prohibition, indication, suggestion and warning information respectively.

3. The brightness of display screen can be adjusted automatically

The outdoor LED display of traffic guidance information works 24 hours a day, and the environmental illumination changes greatly. LED display brightness needs to be able to automatically adjust according to the ambient illumination. In general, the brightness of outdoor LED display screen for traffic guidance should be above 8 levels.

4. All weather work, complex environmental conditions

In the structural design of LED display screen outside the traffic guidance information room, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat dissipation, waterproof and dust prevention of the display body. The unit box structure design of the display screen shall meet the requirements of IP65 protection grade.

5. Remote control, intelligent detection

Generally, the box temperature should be able to automatically detect and adjust, so that the LED can work in the appropriate temperature range to ensure the service life of the display screen.

6. High security, real-time, accuracy and reliability are required

Traffic guidance information is released to the public, which requires high real-time, accuracy and reliability. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of traffic guidance LED display, the display control system, software. The selection and quality requirements of LED pixel tube and integrated circuit should be stable and reliable.

Which manufacturers can do intelligent transportation LED display? As long as it is led display manufacturers should be able to do this, but we still need to know whether their company has much experience in this field, and there are not many project cases. Shenzhen Weifeng technology has many cases and experience in traffic command center, urban road traffic guidance, intelligent police instructions, etc.

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