what is the meaning of the code when using Shenzhen LED display?

Enable signal: full screen brightness control signal, also used for display screen blanking. As long as you adjust its duty cycle, you can control the change of brightness

When the enable signal is abnormal, the whole screen will be off, dark or tailed.

In fact, if the binary number is a binary number, only the binary number can be scanned

The system indicates that the maximum control range of ABCD signal is 16 lines (1111). In 1 / 4 scanning, only AB signal can be used, because the AB signal is

Indicates that the range is 4 lines (11). When the line control signal is abnormal, there will be display dislocation, highlight or image overlap.

CLK clock signal: a shift pulse provided to the shift register, each pulse will cause data

Move in or out of a bit. The data on the data port must be coordinated with the clock signal to transmit data normally, and the frequency of the data signal must be

It’s half the frequency of the clock signal. In any case, when the clock signal is abnormal, it will make the whole board display disorderly.

data signal: provide data required for displaying images. It must be coordinated with the clock signal to transmit data to any display

Points. Generally, the red, green and blue data signals in the display screen are separated. If a data signal is short circuited to the positive or negative pole, it corresponds to

When the data signal is suspended, the corresponding color display is uncertain. [LED full color display Screen]

STB latch signal: the data in the shift register is sent to the latch, and the data content is illuminated by the driver circuit and the LED display is displayed

Show it. However, because the driving circuit is controlled by en enable signal, the premise of its lighting must be on. Latch signal is also

It is necessary to coordinate with the clock signal to display the complete image. In any case, when the latch signal is abnormal, the whole board will display

The display is disorderly.

the above signals may appear at any time, so after we understand these information, we will respond to the questions that appear

The problem can be solved by corresponding methods. I wish you all success. [LED full color screen]


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