What is led time tunnel for led wall panels

According to the senior engineer of LED display factory of Shenzhen old brand LED display screen manufacturer, led time tunnel, also known as LED time tunnel, is a crossing experience project created with high-definition LED display screen with the theme of time tunnel. The exquisite pictures combine with multimedia audio and video to show the changes with artistic methods, creating a variety of immersive visual experience, from the beautiful underwater world to the spring day The beautiful flowers and birds, green trees in summer, colorful autumn and snow in winter make it possible for tourists to enjoy the sight of space travel from four seasons to mysterious space! It’s like time is really crossing! Mysterious feeling + visual enjoyment + immersive crossing + interactive special effects, giving visitors extraordinary experience!

&Three years ago, the glass trestle (high-altitude glass bridge) was popular in various scenic spots. The owners of the investment made a lot of money, and most of them were worth more than 100 million yuan! Popular projects are out of date quickly. Nowadays, glass bridges are all over the country. On average, there are at least two glass bridges in each city. Things are rare, and they are no longer attractive. They are no longer fresh. Unconsciously, the dividend of high-altitude glass suspension bridges has entered the end. What new recreational projects are there after the glass trestle? yes , we have! Led time tunnel is the relay glass plank road of new play project!

  In August last year, an LED time tunnel was built in Taohuayuan scenic area, Changde, Hunan Province. It is 150 meters long, 2.7 meters wide and 2.8 meters high. The total area is 1500 square meters and the walking surface is 400 square meters. The interactive dynamic LED electronic screen shows the scenery of Peach Blossom Garden in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Taohuayuan time tunnel is a natural karst cave based on the current advanced sound and light The project of electric technology showing the beautiful scenery of Taohuayuan in four seasons has attracted countless tourists to experience. During the “May 1st” small and long holiday, the reception of Taohuayuan scenic spot has reached a new high. The total number of tourists received in the four days was 22.53 million, with a year-on-year increase of 57%; the tourism revenue was 67.3348 million yuan, and the listing price of Taohuayuan time tunnel in Changde, Hunan Province was 40 yuan / person!

Led time tunnel is an upgraded version of glass plank road! More interactive, interesting and entertaining! Tiktok Kwai will naturally attract customers to explore the fact that friends circle, quick hand and jitter are free to promote your business! Secondary communication, popularity = passenger flow = money!!! For the new, fun, interesting things, people will always be happy to share, and after the limelight has become common, it has entered a period of indifference, only a long stream! Therefore, the earlier you cut in, the better in principle!

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