What are the maintenance tools for LED full color display?

If there is a problem with the screen. When we need to repair it, what can we do without tools? What tools do you need for LED display maintenance?

here’s to help you to introduce, further in-depth understanding of LED display powerful functions and maintenance programs, so that more quickly handle LED display

Common faults.

1, electric soldering iron + suction gun, soldering tin,

2, 5V regulated power supply, power supply for receiving card and maintenance module or unit board,

3, electric batch, for quick disassembly of module or unit board [LED full color screen manufacturer]

4. Computer + sending card for sending program

5. Receiving card + hub board for observing module or unit board failure phenomenon

6. A multimeter for detecting module or unit board specific faults; &There are 1 pair of tweezers, scissors and scissors each. With these tools, we can basically deal with the maintenance of the general LED display. Of course, different problems need to be used

Different tools and methods, we must always accumulate good led maintenance tools. [large electronic display screen]

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