What are the differences between LED display and conventional display?

LED display screen in conference room is different from conventional LED display screen. The price of LED screen in conference room of manufacturer of LED display screen in conference room is still in the primary stage. LED display screen manufacturers and foreign engineering companies have greatly promoted the development and layout of small spacing LED display screen. In 2018, the explosive growth of small spacing LED display screen will be ushered in abroad. In the past, traditional projectors were used in the conference, but now more and more popular LED display screen in conference room, the intuitive feeling and effect of LED display screen on everyone are incomparable with other traditional projectors, etc.. What is the main size and price of indoor conference led display screen composed of? I believe that you are more concerned about this. The following is an answer:

meeting room led screen


The factors influencing the LED price of conference room display are as follows:

1. Quotation of LED display screen in conference room: that is, the price of display screen in conference room is ×× yuan / m2, in which different materials are selected, the price is different.. (including the expenses of LED die, IC driver chip, power supply and led box, etc.)

2. Cost of control system: i.e. To control the number of computers, receiving cards and sending cards, the number should be determined according to the size of the LED screen in the conference room, and then the cost should be calculated.

3. Auxiliary equipment cost: power distribution cabinet, computer, audio power amplifier, air conditioner, control card, lightning arrester and LED video processor, etc.. Can be selected according to the demand, and customers can buy it by themselves. It is cheap and affordable!!

Display and play software: including computer system software, and LED video playback software, generally free..;

5. Steel frame structure cost: including manual installation cost. In general, the steel frame column structure is more expensive than the wall mounted structure. We can also ask the LED display manufacturer to provide the steel frame structure design drawing, and the customer can make it in the local manufacturer;

6. Transportation expenses: the expenses incurred in logistics transportation shall be paid by the customers themselves;

7. Installation cost: when the goods are delivered to the site, the technical engineers of the LED display screen manufacturer shall assist in the installation and debugging. There is no charge for the installation, but generally the board, lodging and transportation expenses of the technical engineer are required;

The above information is about the model size and price of the LED display screen in the conference room. According to the experience of the editor, the model selection of the LED display screen in the indoor conference room is mainly based on the viewing distance and environmental needs, as well as the display content requirements, environmental brightness, budget, etc

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