What are the advantages of using black light for outdoor LED display?

People in Shenzhen LED display industry all know that black light has two obvious advantages: high contrast and high fidelity color compared with ordinary outdoor white light display. The black LED display screen refers to the outdoor display screen made of LED light with full black shell bracket.

video led wall

LED display screen is made of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as pixels. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are assembled by plastic supports and light-emitting chips. In the early stage, the brightness of light-emitting chips was not high, so the plastic supports were made into white bowls to enhance the focusing and reflection, so as to ensure that the chips with low brightness can achieve a brighter effect. But if we want to express black and gray, its LED color is not only white, but also participate in the color of electronic display screen, which leads to color distortion. The brightness and luminous efficiency of the black light chip have been greatly improved, and it is no longer necessary to sacrifice the contrast to make up for the lack of chip brightness.

The full black shell bracket of black light can maximize the contrast of outdoor LED display screen. High contrast makes it easier to display vivid video images, and supports all levels of colors, making the color more realistic. Contrast has a greater impact on the dynamic video display effect. Since the light to dark conversion is faster in dynamic images, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for human eyes to distinguish such a conversion process. At the same time, the black light adopts a unique matte technology, with unique surface light, no reflection, softer light and no glare, so as to solve the outdoor glare problem, reduce the interference of stray light, and improve the quality of the screen display, and the color is more real and clear. Black light is another transcendence of outdoor LED display technology, which not only brings the improvement of outdoor display screen, but also brings the upgrade of display energy-saving technology, lower power consumption, energy-saving and environmental protection.

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