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Bức tường video led P3.91 của chúng tôi được lắp đặt tại hội trường YZ với hiệu suất đáng kinh ngạc.

xưởng sản xuất màn hình led sân khấu (1)

This P3.91 led display screen is 18m2, với 500*500 tấm dẫn, including nova receiving cards and flycase packages.

Below are some of the pictures for reference

It is included with a receiving card and necessary cables. The production time with the aging test is 16 working days.
Đặc trưng:
Ultra high definition-56,636 pixels/sq.m;
Die casting aluminum cabinet, seamless connection;
– Nhẹ, easy setup and tear down;
Rich colors and excellent contrast ratio;
Superb color uniformity and large viewing angles;
Low power consumption and long life span;
Supports calibration technology on the LED lamps;
Excellent heat dissipation on PCB board;
IP43 protection rating to well withstand dust, moisture, static, vân vân;
Brightness can be manually adjusted by software or auto-controlled by a sensor card;
Control systems supported: Lins, Novastar, Ánh sáng màu, Mooncell, vân vân.
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