three development trends of LED display upgrading

The upgrade of LED display can be divided into two aspects: First of all, the original LED display panel products have reached the service life. Affected by the LED light attenuation, the life of the original LED display screen is generally about five years. And the past five years, can be said to be the golden five years of China’s LED display, LED display in advertising, stage, stadiums and other applications have been greatly popular. Therefore, in the next few years, there will be a large number of LED display panels to be replaced, which will undoubtedly bring great economic benefits to enterprises.

Secondly, it is new technology. New products replace traditional products.

Up to now, there are three development trends in the industry, which are worthy of enterprise’s attention

First of all, it is the trend of full-color LED display replacing single and two-color.

In the LED screen market, led full-color display has become the mainstream product in the market, but in the LED screen market represented by the door screen, it is still the world of single and double color products. However, with the progress of technology and the decrease of cost, the front screen market, as the last line of defense for single and double color products, is about to be broken by full-color LED display. [LED full color display screen]

In fact, as early as 2011, enterprises began to produce P20 full-color front screen. Later, more sophisticated p16 products appeared. However, due to the large spacing, the display effect is very harsh for ordinary stores. In addition, the high cost makes it difficult to promote. Objectively speaking, the current full-color door screen has not really shaken the position of single and double color in the door screen market. First, the price is high, and the second is that the use is not as simple as single and double color, and the maintenance cost of manufacturers is relatively high.

Secondly, it is the trend of high-density LED display replacing low-density products.

With the progress of upstream chip and packaging technology, the spacing of LED display screen will decrease by 1 ~ 2 mm every year. Take outdoor LED display screen as an example. The mainstream product of the industry was P10 before. Now it has reached P8 and P6, and even some enterprises have developed P3 outdoor surface mounted LED display.

In this trend, SMD surface mount products begin to replace plug-in products with the advantages of display performance, and gradually become the future development direction of outdoor display screen. However, we also see that in the face of the challenge of surface mounting, the more mature technology of in-line display is not waiting to die. Using 246 lamp beads with smaller radius, we can also achieve outdoor LED display with P6 spacing. [large electronic display screen]

In addition, it is worth mentioning that through the improvement of the in-line insertion technology, the three RGB chips are sealed into one in-line lamp, and the outdoor three in one plug-in product is developed. Using this packaging method, the in-line LED display can achieve smaller density without changing the production process, and it is very competitive in price.

Third, the large spacing LED display is recognized by the outdoor lighting market, which has great market potential to replace the traditional digital tube.

With the rise of small space indoor LED display screen, the large area LED photoelectric curtain wall used for outdoor building lighting also brings new growth space for the industry. It is understood that LED photoelectric curtain wall is composed of a large number of large spacing light bar screens, which are mainly used in the whole wall and roof of benchmark buildings in the center of the city, and the orders for a project are not expensive. For advertising operators, large LED display area can bring higher advertising revenue, because advertisers tend to put in larger media.

To sum up, the upgrading of LED display will bring new growth power to the industry. LED advertising machine and led small space display screen will open up new market for the industry. [manufacturer of LED electronic display screen]

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