the only way for the development of LED display

As an LED video wall enterprise, what we need to know is that no matter what industry is developing, there is a rule, that is

Macro control of the market. So how to interpret it? Let’s move on How to follow the high-speed development of LED and the changeable application market law has become a problem that the developers must consider

As a new light source, there is no doubt that its plasticity has great room for improvement. At this stage, which field has the highest demand,

It is widely used and has the best effect. It must be analyzed systematically on the basis of data.

The most exciting thing about LED is its variability. As a new light source, it should not be simple

In the process of substitution, it is necessary to consider what form to rely on. It will have its own changeable forms, which may be combined with materials and buildings

Maybe the whole lamp integration appears in our eyes. [LED electronic screen]

As a new light source, led must be combined with its own technical characteristics to carry out an innovation revolution. Then the main body of this innovation revolution is

Where is it now?

LED technology revolution must go through four revolutions: power supply revolution, lamp innovation revolution, optical distribution system revolution and LED technology revolution

Characteristic revolution. [price of LED display screen]

In the innovation of lamps and lanterns, the traditional lamps and lanterns have been transformed into new ones, and the price of chips has dropped. How can we make the whole lamp

The price has also come down. In the future, LED lighting forms may be combined with buildings and roads to make people’s vision more healthy and comfortable.

Finally, for the LED characteristic revolution, it must give full play to its advantages, take the road of digitization, intelligence and informatization, and abandon the traditional

Switch, combined with the new technology iPad, mobile phone and other digital products, we can easily click the button, we can feel the unique aura

Therefore, innovation is necessary for development, and innovation must adapt to development. Both can be said to be indispensable. As a modern LED manufacturer,

If there is no certain sense of innovation, it will be eliminated by the market. [price of LED electronic display screen]

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