The new development trend of LED display with special shaped screen

The LED display screen is in a stage of rapid development and growth, and now the LED display screen market presents a huge

Change, in addition to the traditional information display and other functions, in the shape of the requirements are also further improved, so that it better adapt to the whole environment

Body structure and use requirements, then led special-shaped display screen.

The special-shaped LED screen is a special-shaped LED display screen which is based on the LED display screen, so that the characteristics of new products can be improved

Good to adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building, its size and size can be customized according to the requirements.

Compared with the conventional LED display, the special-shaped LED display pays more attention to the structural breakthrough. At present, led special-shaped screen mainly has fan

Shape, arc, circular and cylindrical, triangle and other structural forms. Due to the different appearance and structure of LED special-shaped screen, so

The technical requirements for manufacturers are also more stringent. If the manufacturer’s technology is not up to standard, the LED screen will be spliced out due to the seam gap

Many problems, such as uneven appearance caused by large and discontinuous splicing surface, affect the viewing effect and destroy the aesthetic feeling of the overall design.

It is understood that the domestic LED display screen market is more inclined to users with special needs,

At present, it is mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition square and other places. Compared with other LED displays, the demand is small,

But the market outlook is good.

LED will be an important market segment for LED display

The growth rate of LED spherical screen application market will reach 200%, and it will reach a global market share of nearly 1 billion in the future. Show the sphere

The display is subdivided into a single curved surface display market, and the simulation led modeling display will be applied to various application places, city light carving and environmental art

The curved LED display screen for building and interior decoration will be the development trend in the future.

In the environment of rapid development of LED display screen, the market share of LED special-shaped screen is also increasing rapidly

It gives full play to its own charm, and amazes the world with its own beauty, and brings the audience the enjoyment of beauty. Here, you have to

Let’s give a compliment to the enterprises that are deeply engaged in the LED creative field. In the case of fierce price competition of conventional display screen, these enterprises can also

In such a chaotic situation, we can imagine the pressure we are faced with if we persist, devote ourselves to research and development, and constantly precipitate ourselves in the accumulation of technology

And know. However, it is precisely because of their insistence that led display industry radiates vigorous vitality. [LED display screen]

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