The difference between domestic and imported LED large screen raw materials in Shenzhen?

Generally, led and Shenzhen large screen will use different materials such as LED and Shenzhen LED panel. But in the final

analysis, the main reason for the price difference of LED display screen still needs to be analyzed from the purchase of raw

materials of LED display screen. Generally, the raw materials of LED display screen can be divided into imported materials

and domestic materials.

In terms of light-emitting chips, the sources of import are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and now there are some domestic

chips. Each light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. The US and Japan chips, because of their continuous

grasp of focus skills, in the context of similar control, the US and Japan chip prices remain high. [Shenzhen LED large screen]

The cost of Taiwan chips is comparable to that of local chips, but there is still a certain gap in performance between Taiwan chips

and chips from the United States and Japan.

If the LED display screen is used in specific emergency situations, or recommend the use of imported materials. In addition to the

Shenzhen LED large screen chip, the other urgent factor affecting the cost of LED display screen is led driver IC. However, if I am

a customer, I would rather choose a better driver IC, because it is a little more expensive, but the driving IC affects the quality and

life of Les display screen It is very urgent to make full-color LED display screen with constant voltage and current driving IC; other

materials, such as power supply, cabinet, and various accessories for making display screen. [Shenzhen LED large screen]

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