The characteristics of outdoor LED display advertising

In today’s media society, images have gradually replaced words and become a social necessity of living vividly. As a new media advertising form, LED advertising also relies on visual images to spread information and attract audience’s purchase desire through image expression.

For different customer groups, advertisers can put LED display screen with appropriate area in different space to maximize the communication effect of advertising, which makes the visual communication form of LED advertising become rich and colorful.

Compared with other advertising methods, outdoor LED display has many excellent performances.

Superior location

The LED advertising screen is usually located in a crowded area. Large size and gorgeous pictures can create a stronger visual impact. In the era of information explosion, this unique form of realization is often easier to stand out from the overwhelming advertising, effectively realize the information communication with the audience, and achieve the purpose of brand image and public information dissemination. [LED full color display screen]

As outdoor advertising is usually located in the busy road section with huge traffic flow, it is regarded as an important means of enterprise brand and image publicity by many businesses.

However, with the promotion of high-definition and 4K technologies, the definition of outdoor display screen is constantly improved, which can provide larger size options. This makes the position of LED display in outdoor advertising industry is increasingly recognized by the market.

Information is available 24 hours a day

LED display screen has its own energy-saving and environmental protection features, and can support the 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast of information dissemination needs. Moreover, it has excellent performance of waterproof, lightning protection and anti-seismic, which can meet the application requirements of harsh outdoor environment. With its high brightness performance, the display effect is not easy to be affected by the environment, so it can ensure the effect of outdoor communication.

It can be used as a display window of city image

In addition, compared with TV advertisement, outdoor LED screen can also broadcast public welfare content such as city propaganda film, so it is not easy to be disgusted by the audience, and its acceptance rate is significantly higher than that of traditional TV advertisement.

At the same time, it can beautify the city image, enrich people’s spare time life, and become the display window of brand image and city image.

LED advertising screen has become one of the fastest growing markets in the global advertising industry. It has become the first advertisement in Asia. This huge business opportunity has attracted worldwide attention.

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