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Чӣ тавр насб кардани дисплейи LED? Усулҳои насб кадомҳоянд?

экранҳои дарунӣ иҷора

Дисплейи LED ҳоло бештар ва васеъ истифода мешавад. When the application field and installation environment are different, the installation methods of LED display are also different. Чӣ тавр насб кардани дисплейи LED? Усулҳои насб кадомҳоянд?

девори беруна
1、 The most common installation method (wall mounted or embedded)
Wall mounted installation is the most commonly used installation method. The LED display will protrude 10 cm or more from the wall. Embedded is that the whole LED large screen is embedded into the wall, and the display plane is at the same level as the wall. These two installation methods are usually used when there is no rain indoors or semi outdoors, and the front maintenance design is generally adopted (i.e. front maintenance design, which is usually assembled by unit plate magnetic suction).
2、 Cantilever or suspension type
This method can be used both indoors and outdoors. Generally, indoor scenes are used at the entrance of passages and corridors, as well as at the entrance of stations, railway stations and subway entrances. Outdoor scenes are used for traffic guidance on highways, railways and expressways.
3、 Column installation (single column and double column)
There are many column installation methods, which are generally used for outdoor billboards, and the single column installation method is suitable for small screens; Double column installation method is suitable for large screen; Closed maintenance channel is suitable for simple box; The open maintenance channel is suitable for all outdoor boxes.
4、 Floor standing and roof type installation method
This method is applicable to indoor and outdoor. Generally, the back wall cannot bear load or the surrounding is open, so it can only be installed vertically on the ground. This installation method is generally thick, because there are no support points around, and all forces are supported at the bottom.

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