suitable environment for LED display

Hardware environment of LED display screen:The hardware part of LED display screen includes general computer part, communic

ation line, special data conversion part and display part according to LED display type, area, use site and other conditions. The

detailed specification shall state:
L requirements for computer host, various optional cards, external equipment and communication interface.
2. Requirements for communication lines and indicate the maximum communication distance.
Communication mode between data conversion part and computer host computer.
4. Power supply requirements and structural installation requirements.

Software usage environment of LED display screen:
The LED display screen with different performance shall be equipped with display software which can meet the requirements of its

display function. The software has the following functions:
L meet the requirements of serialization and standardization, and can be compatible downward.
2. The operating system and language specified in the detailed specification shall be adopted.

3. It is equipped with perfect self-test program and various levels of diagnostic procedures as required. [LED display screen]

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