Some suggestions on choosing high cost performance LED electronic display

Welcome to the interactive platform of LED display screen of liansen photoelectric. I haven’t shared it with you for a long time. It’s rare to get together with you today. Today, I’d like to share with you how to choose a LED display screen suitable for your own enterprise and how to choose a LED electronic display screen with high cost performance

Generally speaking, the appropriate display screen should be selected according to the characteristics of different LED displays and the actual needs of users. For the passenger flow guidance of stations, wharves, large market entrances and elevators, the φ 5.0 monochrome display screen is used. It has the advantages of clear and low cost. For banks, shopping malls and other occasions to display corporate image, advertising and other applications, low price requirements, the use of φ 3.75 dual primary color display screen. The display effect is required, and the full-color display screen of φ 5 is used. For large hall area occasions, use the φ 5 double primary color display screen. The display effect is required, and the full-color display screen of φ 10 is used. For the function definition of service window in the business hall of bank, post and telecommunication, the method of using sticker before is very inflexible. Now using the display screen of φ 3 or φ 5, the service function of the window can be changed at any time.

However, the outdoor LED display screen has higher requirements for quality because of the harsh use environment. There are many factors to consider. From the perspective of use, full color will be the mainstream in the future. Because of its high brightness, color, all-weather work has its irreplaceable advantages, but the price is high. From the perspective of application, there are reasons for the existence of products that meet the needs of users. Double primary color display screen in the display text, color requirements are not high, there is no blue occasion, with its low price, mature and stable occupy a large market. The orientation and distance of outdoor screen play a decisive role in the price. The farther the distance, the bigger the pixel and the higher the brightness. The one facing northeast is much cheaper than the one facing southwest.

Through the above detailed analysis, I believe you already have a good idea. As a set of LED display R & D design and wholesale installation as one of the photoelectric company. It is famous for its innovation, specialization and high quality. If you want to know more about LED display, please pay attention to liansen optoelectronics or call us for consultation. We are looking forward to your coming.

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