Shopping mall led transparent screen selection reference analysis

With the development of economy, it is very common to install LED display screen in shopping malls. LED display screen is generally used for brand promotion and product promotion, creating a good shopping atmosphere and mobilizing atmosphere. The appearance of new advertising media tool transparent LED display provides more choices for shopping malls: transparent, cool, fashionable and full of sense of technology.

Generally speaking, the weight of LED display screen in conventional shopping malls is more than 30kg / m2, which requires high load-bearing capacity of the original building structure. Large scale steel frame structure is required during construction, which is time-consuming and laborious. Moreover, due to its opacity, the LED display screen does not light up after installation, which is a black piece, affecting the appearance of shopping mall buildings, blocking the sunlight and line of sight, and affecting the lighting.

The transparent LED display screen, light and beautiful, has relatively low load-bearing requirements on the building, does not affect the appearance of the building without lighting; high permeability ensures the lighting requirements of lighting structures between the shopping malls, glass facade, windows, etc., and has good heat dissipation function, and is convenient for installation and maintenance. In the advertisement, when designing the advertisement content picture, the unnecessary background color is removed and replaced by black. Only the expressed content needs to be displayed. When playing, the appropriate part does not emit light, which is a transparent effect. This method greatly reduces light pollution and can also reduce energy consumption. It can save more than 30% energy than conventional LED display.

According to the characteristics of shopping malls and the actual needs of customers, the following is the selection reference of LED transparent screen in shopping malls:

Shopping mall led transparent screen features:

1. For special protection level, IP43 is not allowed for indoor protection;

2. The fixed installation mode does not affect the original wall structure;

3. High permeability does not affect the occlusion effect;

4. It is consistent with the image of shopping mall center, and can realize remote control and operation;

5. The viewing distance is close, the display is required to be clear, and the pixel spacing is within 5mm.

Other requirements:

The advertising content on the LED transparent screen can be changed at any time to display different advertisements all day long;It can be maintained in advance, requiring fast maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure normal and clear playback;Using efficient optical fiber transmission system can effectively reduce the signal delay caused by long transmission distance and ensure the consistency of picture playing.

The LED transparent screen in shopping malls is generally designed according to the market environment, which is coordinated and unified with the installation environment. The full-color transparent LED screen with front maintenance can be selected to carry out diversified modeling design; the products with small LED box size, ultra-thin and surface mounted LED transparent screen with point spacing of about 10 mm are selected.

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