Problems to be considered in designing and installing full color LED display screen

The main problems of outdoor full-color LED display are as follows: the outdoor temperature changes greatly, and a certain amount of heat will be generated when the display screen works normally. If the heat dissipation effect is poor in high temperature weather, the integrated circuit will work abnormally, or even be burned, which will affect the reuse of the display system;

&(2) outdoor LED display will be affected by the brightness of the sun, so there are some requirements for the brightness of the display screen.

&(3) the installation environment of outdoor LED display screen is generally large, because the display screen faces a wide audience and the viewing distance must be appropriate. If it is too far or too close, it will affect the viewing effect and cause visual discomfort to the audience;

&If the full-color LED display screen is installed outdoors, its adaptability to the environment is much higher than that of the indoor screen. Outdoor environment, weather changes, the display screen often exposed to the wind, sun and rain, the working environment is relatively bad. Once the electronic equipment in the display screen is wet or exposed to high temperature, it will cause short circuit of the circuit in light, or cause fire, causing economic losses and casualties;

&In summer, the display screen will be affected by electromagnetic impact caused by lightning, so lightning protection measures must be appropriate;

According to the above special requirements, outdoor full-color display screen must meet the following requirements:

&(1) engineers need to calculate the appropriate spacing of full-color LED display screen according to the use environment and viewing distance, so as to achieve the best display effect;

&In order to ensure the long-distance viewing under strong ambient light, ultra-high brightness LED should be used;

&(3) installing lightning protection devices on existing buildings with full-color LED displays. The main body and box shall be well grounded, and the grounding resistance shall be less than 3?, so that the current generated by lightning can be released in time;

&(4) in the selection of chips, the industrial and integrated circuit chips with working temperature between – 40 ℃ and 80 ℃ should be selected to prevent the display screen from normal use in areas with low ambient temperature;

&(5) the cabinet should be equipped with ventilation and heat dissipation equipment to keep the screen temperature controlled between – 10 ℃ and 40 ℃;

&(6) the interior of the full-color LED display screen, as well as the packaging and installation of the screen, must strictly reach the waterproof and leakage proof level. Secondly, the installed large screen should have a smooth drainage channel to avoid ponding, water seepage and damaging the display effect.

P1.875 ultra high definition small spacing LED display screen studio auditorium energy saving electronic advertising large screen customization, p1.875 small spacing high-definition LED display screen adopts national star gold wire smd1010 lamp beads, high brush PWM drive IC, Mingwei power supply, novaling star rain control card, module size 240 * 240mm, die casting aluminum box size 480 * 480mm, unit box resolution 256 * 256 points, only weight 4kg, 160 degrees large viewing angle, 3840hz refresh Rate, maintenance before magnetic suction does not need to leave a maintenance channel, system power signal double backup, high contrast, strong color restoration, low brightness and high gray performance: in the case of low brightness, the display gray is uniform and the display consistency is good.

3.91 indoor high-definition LED floor tile screen Museum exhibition floor panel treading track electronic advertising display screen, p3.91 indoor high-definition LED floor tile screen adopts smd2020 lamp beads, module size 250 * 250mm, die-casting aluminum box size 500 * 500 / 500 * 1000mm, unit box resolution 128 * 128 / 128 * 256 points, 3840hz refresh rate, 14bit gray level, acrylic or tempered glass is placed on the box, which can bear 1.5T The surface is wear-resistant, high light transmittance, protection grade IP65, modular installation, fixed installation or mobile guide installation, easy to install, fast and easy to maintain.

P3 indoor LED display screen adopts smd2020 lamp beads, module size 192 * 192mm, die casting aluminum box size 576 * 576mm, unit box resolution 192 * 192 points, refresh rate greater than 1920hz, the whole screen flatness is less than 0.3mm, horizontal and vertical viewing angle is 120 degrees, gray level is 14bit, strong color restoration, high contrast, high-definition video playback, fine quality, when the screen area is small, it can be maintained before magnetic suction The module is directly spliced. When the screen area is large, the box is used for splicing. The warranty is two years and the maintenance is lifelong.

P2.5 indoor HD full color LED display screen customization of rolling electronic screen in hospital shopping malls and schools

Full color LED display screen P3 indoor HD Hotel stage electronic advertising screen

P2.5 high definition indoor full color LED display panel embedded electronic unit board in the background wall of conference room;

P4 indoor full color display rental HD LED large screen LED electric advertising display screen

P4 indoor full color LED screen stage rental large screen electronic advertising screen

Indoor P3 full color LED display screen inlaid electronic advertisement propaganda screen

High definition interactive induction LED floor tile screen stage floor LED floor display

Ground LED display screen interactive induction floor tile screen t LED floor panel;

P8 outdoor LED sky screen is a large electronic display screen of Huahai starry sky in the corridor above the pedestrian mall square. The P8 outdoor LED sky screen adopts smd3535 lamp beads with module size of 256 * 128mm and waterproof box of 768 * 768mm. The sky screen is equipped with three-dimensional audio-visual sound reinforcement system to achieve the synchronization of image and sound. The large-scale led ceiling screen suspended on the ceiling is like a bright and deep sky with colorful silk and bright sky. Combined with new LED light strips, light belts, spotlights and other lighting equipment, it plays a role of lighting and rendering, with a two-year warranty and lifelong maintenance.

1. High quality components and fine processing technology are adopted to effectively reduce the dead light rate.

2. Double backup system of power supply and signal ensures the stable operation of the product for 7 * 24 hours, which is the safest and most reliable.

3. Under low brightness, the gray performance of the display screen is almost perfect, and its display image level and brightness are higher than the traditional display screen.

4. High pixel density display unit with micro pixel spacing can be spliced wirelessly and can support 2K, 4K and ultra-high resolution display.

5. Even if it is reduced to 500-300cd / m2, it can still ensure the realization of high gray level.

6. The black fog lamp and corrugated light absorbing mask are used to reduce the reflection in the bright light environment, and the picture is still clear and visible.

7. Automatically adapt to the photosensitive adjustment equipment, and will not affect the display screen due to the environment.

8. The screen is stable, no ripple, no black screen, the video picture is delicate and smooth, and the dynamic display picture has clear image edge. It has good dynamic expression, and can restore the image information accurately and bring the greatest visual enjoyment.

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