Outdoor LED screen makes advertising brand promotion

 With the advent of digital era, it is now the world of outdoor LED screen advertising. As an enduring outdoor advertising, its unique advantages and strong brand effect are worth your investment.

Since entering the information age, outdoor LED display has been favored by the prosperous commercial streets. For a while, the outdoor LED display also seems to have subverted the traditional image of urban landscape. With the continuous development of urban construction process, outdoor LED display screen is more and more used as a new carrier of advertising media.

Outdoor LED display can indeed bring certain improvement to the image of the city, and the form of advertising has become flexible and diverse. Times Square in New York, Ginza in Tokyo, Japan and other world-famous cities have outdoor LED display screens, which can be called city signs. From this, we can see the development speed and city status of outdoor LED display.

The rapid development of outdoor LED screen has become a “new favorite”

The development of outdoor advertising LED large screen has been nearly ten years. With the enhancement of business agglomeration effect year by year, their mission to show the city image is becoming more and more important. Outdoor media advertising is not only the embodiment of urban economic and commercial prosperity, but also the epitome of urban culture and quality. They carry the brand’s logo, name, culture and brand organic combination, and have a decisive impact on the communication and shaping of brand image. There is no doubt that outdoor advertising LED large screen has also become the darling of the new media communication industry.

Outdoor LED advertising screen outlines the city art. As the performers of the city, region and business type, they provide people with experience and perception, and become city landmarks for people to find the starting point of departure and the end of return journey. Moreover, according to the data of relevant institutions, the average weekly arrival rate of outdoor LED display media is 61.8%, the average weekly arrival frequency of business district is 3.8 times, and the average monthly arrival rate is 79.3%. 30% of the audience actively pay attention to the outdoor LED display media, and the average single eye stay of the audience is 15.1 seconds. It is not difficult to see that outdoor LED advertising is closely related to all areas of our life, and plays an important role in forming a good brand image and attracting consumers to participate in the process of brand communication.

Outdoor LED screen makes brand promotion meet a better world

Compared with other carriers, outdoor LED display has outstanding characteristics and advantages. The progress of society and the development of technology provide a good opportunity for the development of LED display. LED display can really shorten the distance between the audience and make the communication more specific and the marketing more user-friendly. LED display can stand firm in outdoor advertising media, and its greatest advantage lies in the realization of value.

LED display with its own high-definition seamless splicing, beautiful and natural advantages of instant killing traditional communication channels. Large size, dynamic, advertising can promote the audience’s sensory experience, effectively convey information and guide consumption. In this era of marketing, LED large screen can deeply affect the audience’s cognition and consumption concept.

In the Internet era, outdoor LED large screen can be more organically combined with the Internet to play in real time and spread in time. Effectively meet the timeliness and communication needs of outdoor media.

The application of intelligent mode in the field of outdoor LED advertising screen is also the general trend in the future. From quantitative change to qualitative change, for emerging manufacturing industry including LED industry, it will not only bring great development opportunities, but also indicate the future direction of industrial development. Therefore, in the future, outdoor LED advertising screen is bound to move towards a broader and more high-end direction.

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