Outdoor LED large screen has become a good helper of urban management publicity

With the continuous sublimation of LED display screen, LED display screen has not blossomed in daily life. And some people think that led will shuffle, whether this statement is correct, we expect more professional LED experts to analyze. In today’s rapid development society, LED large screen has become a good helper of urban management publicity knowledge, and some cities have realized that using LED large screen publicity is relatively fast and convenient.

      On the outdoor LED screens in front of the Bank of China and pedestrian streets on Chengzhong Road, many city management slogans, such as “fighting for 50 days to improve the city’s appearance in an all-round way”, “resolutely ban the road market, illegal behavior of setting up stalls on the road”, “exceeding the door without authorization, operating outside the window, will be fined 1000 yuan”, which provides new urban management knowledge for the general public Information platform.

Since the beginning of this year, the county urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau has continuously strengthened the publicity work of urban management, strengthened cooperation with various media, constantly innovated publicity methods, broadened publicity channels, widely publicized urban management laws and regulations, work trends, etc. while continuing to increase the publicity of newspapers, networks, television and other traditional media, it also used LED large screen to publish urban management administration Law enforcement information. Visible, LED large screen has been blooming everywhere, has been recognized by many friends.

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