Outdoor LED display screen advertising industry radiates different vitality.

With the advent of the digital era, the uniqueness of outdoor LED display screen in audio-visual technology has begun to glow with different vitality.

1. High definition outdoor LED display. With the maturity and development of technology, small space indoor hope outdoor, which opens up high definition

The era of outdoor LED display. Especially with the increasing demand of end users for display effect, and the continuous development of 4K and 8K

Small space outdoor LED is becoming more and more popular in the market.

2. Intelligent outdoor LED display. With the integration of Internet technology and LED display screen, the outdoor LED display screen has basically realized the area

Domain and national networking. At the same time, the outdoor LED display can interact with social media such as microblog and wechat, as well as positioning, face recognition

3D, virtual reality and other innovative applications. Outdoor LED large screen media is developing towards networking, digitization and intelligent information platform

It also brings more market blue ocean and innovation development space for outdoor LED display industry.

Third, outdoor LED display service upgrade. In 2019, with the rapid development of outdoor LED display screen, the competition among major manufacturers

Increasingly fierce. In addition to the competition in quality, brand and performance, improving service level has become the distance between screen enterprises

Important aspects. With the gradual maturity of the terminal market, who can seize the opportunity in the after-sales service market of LED display screen and establish a good market as soon as possible

Good word of mouth, who has the opportunity to lead a new round of market demand.

At present, the acceleration of local cultural construction in cities around the world has also brought new vitality, especially innovation, to the outdoor LED display screen

For example, the “standardization” of outdoor LED display needs to be raised as soon as possible

How to effectively solve the light pollution problem of outdoor display; how to enter. One step to ensure the quality of outdoor display engineering

Quantity, make outdoor LED display more safe and so on LED display enterprises need to constantly optimize themselves to promote the healthy development of outdoor LED display industry

At the same time, the market of LED display screen in the first and second tier cities is becoming more and more saturated. With the acceleration of infrastructure construction in the third and fourth tier cities

The demand for outdoor LED displays in third and fourth tier cities will continue to increase. The so-called “adjusting measures to local conditions” requires different expansion in different markets

Z style. LED display enterprises should rely on the third and fourth tier cities. According to the specific needs of the market, the product planning, research and development

In order to better find their own way out in the declining market.

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