Order is the biggest problem faced by LED display manufacturers

Our LED display screen manufacturers are also one of them. Although LED display enterprises are basically back to work, but the resumption of work does not mean the resumption of production. Many colleagues in the industry are complaining: starting work now is basically continuing the unfinished orders last year, and there are no new orders at all. And the order is the biggest problem that led display manufacturers are facing.

Up to now, novel coronavirus pneumonia affects more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, with a total number of confirmed cases approaching 200 thousand. The director general of WHO said that since the new crown virus has been fermented in many countries, “a global epidemic threat has become a reality.” In this trend, the overseas market of LED display also faces great challenges.

Although the domestic epidemic situation has been basically controlled, most provinces except Hubei have no new confirmed cases for many consecutive days. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the LED display application market has been seriously frustrated, and it will take time to recover.

If the market does not recover, LED display manufacturers will not have orders. This is determined by the engineering properties of LED display, as well as “customization”. After all, the LED display screen is mainly aimed at the professional market. Unlike mobile phones, televisions and other household appliances, it is aimed at the mass consumer market. The production is completely standardized, so it is not necessary to completely follow the orders. Therefore, we rarely hear of any mobile phone or television manufacturers lack of orders, but the general lack of orders has become a true portrayal of the current LED display industry.

Therefore, without orders, how to maintain and how long can cash flow support? This is undoubtedly a test faced by most display enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, in order to order, many business personnel of display enterprises can be described as painstaking, using all available platforms to carry out business. Some enterprises even mobilize all the staff to develop customers together. But the effect is how, such as people drinking water, cold and warm know.

The epidemic situation let us see the tenacity of China’s LED display enterprises, but also found their own shortcomings. During this period, many enterprises reflected on R & D, production and standardization, which also helped to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

The road ahead is difficult, but there are more ways than difficulties. No matter what difficulties we are facing, we must maintain confidence.

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