LED electronic display screen big opportunity!

  • LED electronic display industry in the new infrastructure boom, will also usher in more opportunities.
  • 1、 5g construction
  • The arrival of 5g era will fully open the era of Internet of things. The interconnection of all things needs to be finally presented through the display terminal, which brings huge market demand for the LED electronic display screen industry. Previously, LED displays were stationed in China Mobile xiongan 5g Research Institute, China (Hangzhou) 5g Innovation Park, and 5g demonstration town in Wuzhen, with high-definition display to help 5g acceleration!
  • In the 5g wave, the technology integrated with 5g has been developed by leaps and bounds. Under the drive of 5g, telemedicine, teleconference, and distance education have set off intelligent changes. LED electronic display screen, as a display terminal, is more widely used.
  • 2、 Big data center construction
  • Construction of big data center in China, we vigorously develop big data and actively promote the application of big data. The visualization of big data has also become an important research topic. Small spacing LED display screen stands out as an indispensable means and focus for various information collection and visual presentation.
  • Shenzhen Weifeng technology’s small spacing LED display screen products are widely used in a series of comprehensive information processing systems such as integrated command and dispatch center, energy monitoring platform and so on under big data.
  • 3、 Industrial Internet Construction
  • China is a big manufacturing country, and the industrial Internet also has a wide range of application scenarios. It is expected to reach trillion yuan in 2020. The LED electronic display screen, especially the small spacing LED display screen, can be used as the display terminal of the industrial Internet platform, and has a bright future in 2020.
  • 4、 High voltage construction
  • Ultra high voltage (UHV) is the key technology of global energy Internet. With the large-scale planning and construction of UHV, the scale of power grid in all parts of the country is also expanding. With the help of information technology, the operation efficiency of power grid is improved, and the operation procedure is simplified , realize intelligent control and improve service quality.
  • With the rapid development of intercity high-speed railway and track construction, a large number of intercity rail stations have been built. LED electronic screen has also become an indispensable part of the construction of high-speed rail. In all aspects such as entering, leaving and waiting for a train, the LED integrated display system is needed to guide passengers’ vision, so as to provide better service for passengers.
  • As an important display terminal in various fields of new infrastructure, LED display will usher in more development opportunities in 2020. Our LED display manufacturers always adhere to the mission of “user first, beautiful display, and popularization of LED display”. In 2020, we will still be committed to providing the ultimate products and services for the majority of users, so that the light of science and technology can light the world.
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