Maintenance knowledge of full color LED display screen LED electronic display

Therefore, the regular maintenance of full-color LED display screen can not only make the LED display in the best running state, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of faults, reaching twice the normal operation effect of LED display screen.

The maintenance methods of full-color LED display screen mainly include four aspects: inspection, cleaning, fastening, and surface cleaning of display screen.

I. inspection

The “monthly inspection system” is generally adopted for the inspection cycle of LED display screen. After the implementation of “weekly inspection system” for maintenance of large LED display screen, the “monthly inspection system of LED display screen” shall be reported weekly. Specific maintenance content and response speed commitment:

1. Special operation software for LED display, including maintenance and upgrade of playback software;

2. LED display control system maintenance, including controller, optical fiber conversion card, distributor, sending card;

3. LED display screen maintenance, including lamp tube, module, module, power supply and control card;

4. Regular (once a month) technical personnel on-site inspection, inspection and maintenance of the system;

5. Guarantee of major activities: the company’s technical personnel shall guide and ensure the smooth development of on-site activities.

6. The outdoor full-color LED display screen is not covered by the warranty due to wind, rain, thunder, electricity and other natural factors. The owner shall take out insurance from the insurance company, and the insurance company shall make compensation.

7. During the maintenance service period, the maintenance problems shall be solved within 8 hours for general faults and 24 hours for major accidents. Repair and replace the module and other accessories, the time shall not exceed 24 hours. After repair, ensure that the large screen does not appear module level or above faults (such as module color deviation, module black, a column is not bright, etc.), and can play normally.

II. Cleaning up

For low-level protection, especially outdoor full-color LED display, dust enters the equipment through ventilation holes in the atmosphere, which will accelerate wear and even damage fans and other equipment. Dust also falls on the surface of the internal control device of the display screen, reducing the thermal conductivity and insulation. In wet weather, dust absorbs moisture from the air, causing a short circuit. Dust can also lead to long-term mildew of printed circuit boards and electronic components, resulting in technical performance degradation and equipment failure. Therefore, the cleaning of LED display seems simple, but it is actually an important part of maintenance work.

3. Fastening

LED display is a high power consumption device. After running for a period of time, due to the start-up, shutdown and operation for many times, the terminals of the power supply part will be loose due to cold and hot, and the contact is not firm, forming a virtual connection, and even igniting the plastic parts nearby. The signal terminal will also loosen due to temperature change and humidity erosion, resulting in poor contact and equipment failure. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the connector of LED display regularly. When adjusting fasteners, the force should be uniform and appropriate to ensure its inherent effectiveness.

4. The surface of the display screen is clean

The appearance of LED display screen of Maipu brilliant shopping mall was inspected in two states of bright screen and black screen. It includes: whether the surface of the display screen is polluted, the purpose is to eliminate the influence of the surface dirt on the luminous characteristics; whether the display surface is damaged and cracked; whether the communication and distribution lines are normal; the equipment NT has a high level of protection, although high reliability components and connectors are selected, its sealing becomes the key factor. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the integrity of the seal; to check the surface paint and rust of the steel structure of the outdoor panel; and to clean the surface of the outdoor panel, especially the polluted surface. Traditional LED display screen cleaning belongs to high-altitude operation, which requires professional cleaning team. The cleaning operation adopts high hanging rope (commonly known as spider man) or hanging blue. The double-sided monitor only needs to turn back the prism of the monitor, and the cleaning personnel can stand on the maintenance platform to clean. According to the different dirt on the screen, choose different cleaning agent to clean, to ensure that the LED lamp tube and mask will not be damaged when cleaning the LED display.

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