Light efficiency utilization and energy saving of LED display screen

The lighting effect of LED display screen can be said to be what we usually know, but we don’t pay much attention to. So a good LED display screen is the light source of the product

We should also pay close attention to the power consumption, because this situation will definitely affect the energy consumption and cost of the product itself

High LED display light efficiency, reduce cost? Liansen optoelectronics helped us to think of a few tips.

1. Multi chip packaging results in a decrease in yield and difficulty in achieving light consistency.

2. Consistency of light and color, how to achieve consistency of light is very difficult, and it will increase the cost.

3. The higher the reliability of high-power LED packaging, the more expensive the raw materials are, so the cost is not easy to reduce.

4 and & nbsp; LED display should meet the quality requirements of consumers.

5. Warm white light and high color rendering. If the softness is high, the light efficiency will be reduced. It is easy to reduce the production cost of high power LED.

LED display screen as a green and energy-saving light source is favored by people, and it will also be a mainstream media to lead the future of display technology. in order to

Many new solutions have been put forward and verified by theory. Most of them have entered the experimental stage

It has achieved success and laid a solid foundation for the final industrialization.

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