LED large screen is widely used in the high-end indoor display applications

Because of its advantages, LED large screen is widely used in the high-end indoor display applications such as military institutions, government agencies, enterprises, radio and television, advertising media, intelligent transportation, cultural media and other high-end indoor display applications, and has become the mainstream product in the display application field. During the epidemic period, LED screen was also used as an important medium to convey warmth and anti epidemic knowledge.

On April 8, 76 days after the suspension, Wuhan, a city of more than 10 million people, was unsealed. For those who live in it, the scalding life has already begun to recover. People who walk out of the room take to the streets, early, for a walk. At the riverside, middle-aged people jump into the river to swim, and young people kiss through masks. For 76 days, this is not only the road of fighting “epidemic” for the people of Wuhan, but also the road of fighting “epidemic” that 1.4 billion Chinese people have bravely walked through. And it is under the protection of such a group of front-line staff that Wuhan can return to normal – they are our lovely and respectable medical staff.

In the early morning of February 17, the medical team of the southern theater air force hospital of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army (hereinafter referred to as the “Southern theater air force hospital”) received orders from the higher authorities and went upstream against the current to Wuhan without hesitation to engage in prevention, control and treatment. Before departure, the leaders of the air force and support department of the theater, all the hospital cadres and family members attended the ceremony. The soldiers in white showed their skills and vowed to eliminate the virus. In order to cheer up the anti epidemic medical staff, the large LED screen was lit up in the air force hospital of the southern theater to escort the departure ceremony.

hotel led wall

The eight sides rushed to help and the whole country was united in fighting the epidemic. During the epidemic period, it became an important work deployment for the air force hospital in southern theater to implement the new measures of epidemic prevention and control in detail and take timely actions. At the main entrance of the hospital, April 8, which was the inspiration for the anti epidemic warriors, served as an important media window to broadcast the epidemic knowledge and important matters of epidemic prevention, so as to help the epidemic prevention and control. The battle of “epidemic” LED large screen deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Nirvana rebirth, this war “epidemic” Let  LED big screen deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the epic, which tends to return to normal, is rapidly recovering and growing quietly.

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