LED full color screen helps fire safety


  led full color

The fire department uses LED full-color screen to remind the masses to pay attention to the safety matters of paper burning, incense burning, wax lighting and other activities. At the same time, the places with large outdoor LED display screen play fire prevention short films in time and section. In the form of interspersed videos, advertising slogans, cartoon pictures and other forms, the prevention and escape skills of different occasions and different fires are elaborated. Through the all-weather and uninterrupted broadcast of basic fire-fighting knowledge, the public can see it at a glance, which is conducive to the understanding and mastery of the masses.

Through the full-color LED screen rolling display of propaganda slogans and propaganda films, it provides a platform for people to learn fire safety knowledge, further expands the coverage of fire protection publicity, and creates a strong “Qingming Festival” fire propaganda atmosphere.

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