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P3.91 LED 비디오 월은 놀라운 성능으로 YZ 홀에 설치되었습니다..

무대 LED 스크린 공장 (1)

This P3.91 led display screen is 18m2, ~와 함께 500*500 LED 패널, including nova receiving cards and flycase packages.

Below are some of the pictures for reference

It is included with a receiving card and necessary cables. The production time with the aging test is 16 working days.
Ultra high definition-56,636 pixels/sq.m;
Die casting aluminum cabinet, seamless connection;
– 경량, easy setup and tear down;
Rich colors and excellent contrast ratio;
Superb color uniformity and large viewing angles;
Low power consumption and long life span;
Supports calibration technology on the LED lamps;
Excellent heat dissipation on PCB board;
IP43 protection rating to well withstand dust, moisture, static, 등;
Brightness can be manually adjusted by software or auto-controlled by a sensor card;
Control systems supported: 린스, Novastar, Colorlight, Mooncell, 등.
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