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Small pixel pitch P1.25 led video wall is under age testing in our workshop

display a LED con passo piccolo pixel (1)

32 m2 P1.25 HD led video displays is under age testing, and they will be oacked and shipping to Thailand in the following week.

P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen

High Precision 400X300 Die-Cast Aluminum Panel

High Precision 400X300 die-cast aluminum panel, seamless assemble easy work for installation

Davanti / Back Maintenance

Magnetic Module easy to maintain from the front Side.

High Definition LED Display

Delivers truly amazing picture in every detail with extraordinary pixels producing an image that is HD quality in an LED screen

Narrow Pixel Pitch

P1.56/P1.66/P1.923 narrow pixel pitch HD LED Screen Max 256pixel per square inch

Ultra-wide viewing angle

160° viewing angle from both vertical and horizontal direction

Natural Color

16bits color depth with a 65,536 gray scale for each R, G, B.

High Contrast Rate and Automatical Brightness Control

4000:1 contrast rate, and 256-grade automatical brightness control

P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen Specification

Passo pixel(mm) 1.25mm
Pacchetto LED SMD0808 Pure Black
Module Pixel (punti) 160dots×120dots
Dimensioni del modulo (mm) 200mm(W)*150mm(H)
Dimensioni del mobile (mm) 400mmx300mm
Input Voltage(AC) 220V±10% or 110V ±10%
Current Leakage to Ground (mA) <3
Consumo energetico medio (W/㎡) 450
Massimo. Consumo di energia (W/㎡) 1300
Control Mode Synchronization
Sistema di controllo VAG+DVI Card+Control Cards+Transmission Cables
Video Acceptable TV VCD DVD
Display Mode 576×576、480*576、960×576、960×960…1152×960
Transmission Distance CAT-5E≦130m /Multi-mode Optical Fiber≦500m / Single Mode Optical Fiber≦10km
Scan Mode 1/24
LED Drive Mode Constant Current
Luminosità (cd/㎡) 1,000
Densità di pixel 409,600punti/㎡
Distanza di visualizzazione(M) 1.5~40m
Hor. Angolo di visione(grado) 160°
Ver. Angolo di visione(grado) 160°
Brightness Calibration 256 grado
Gray Calibration 4096~65536 grade
Images Calibration Contrast/Tonality/Single Module Lightness
Frequenza di aggiornamento 1920~3840 Hz/s
Frame-changing Frequency More than 60Hz
Color Depth 13bit~16bit
Continuous Working Hours >72 Ore
Using Life 100,000 Ore
MTBF >10,000 Ore
Scatter OOC Point <0.01%
Continuous OOC Point 1
Temperatura di lavoro -20℃~+40℃
Umidità di lavoro 10~60%
Peso del mobile (Kg) 3.5Kg/cabinet



new beautiful series of p3.91 front service led display wall are under production

p3.91 indoor led (1)

We are producing 200 sqm P3.91 indoor rental led displays, this is a new type, with front service and beautiful design



p3.91 indoor led (1)

p3.91 indoor led (2)p3.91 indoor led (4)

P3.91 SMD indoor rental LED display screen panels are geared with angle adjustors which can be able to set up in straight, circular, curved, concave or convex mode, eccetera. They are ideally suited for high end applications in stage live shows, news conference, exhibition centers, wedding and other important events, requiring easy installaton with seamless connection and high image details at close viewing distances. The best price above is based on one panel size of 500x 1000mm, EXW term. It is included with receiving card and necessary cables. The production time with aging test is 16 giorni lavorativi.



– Ultra alta definizione: 56.636 pixel/mq;
– Mobile in alluminio pressofuso, seamless connnection;

– Leggero, facile installazione e smontaggio;
– Colori ricchi ed eccellente rapporto di contrasto;
– Superba uniformità del colore e ampi angoli di visione;
– Basso consumo energetico e lunga durata;
– Supporta la tecnologia di calibrazione sulle lampade LED;
– Eccellente dissipazione del calore sulla scheda PCB;
– Grado di protezione IP43 per resistere bene alla polvere, umidità, statico, eccetera;
Brightness can be manually adjusted by software or auto-controlled by sensor card;
– Sistemi di controllo supportati: Lins, Novastar, Luce colorata, Mooncel, eccetera.


1. Passo pixel: 3.91mm
2. Densità di pixel: 56,636 pixels/sq.m
3. Configurazione dei pixel / Tipo LED: 1R1G1B, SMD2121
4. LED Screen Module Size (L*H): 250*250mm
5. LED Screen Module Resolution: 64*64 pixel
6. LED Display Screen Panel Size (L*H*D): 500*500*80mm
7. LED Display Screen Panel Resolution: 128*256 pixel
8. LED Screen Panel Material: Die casting aluminum

We unveils new type of led poster display screen

led poster display (3)

The ET Series indoor LED Poster Display is the new generatiom metal shell.With the narrow edge ,ET Series indoor LED Poster Display has a closer gapless looking ,and the 35mm ultra-thin profile allows it for easy placement. On the other hand, network or USB updates makes content changing-out simple in the ET Series and the multi-screen sync effect helps it show more content by conjioning into lager screens. Compared to the indoor LCD poster, the ET series have higher brighteness at 800 lendini ,which means it can reveal picture and video more vivid and more suitable for bright occasion. The ET series indoor LED Poster Display also support Lan Multi-screen synchronization , Wan cloud control and synchronization.led poster display (1)

led poster display (2)


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