intelligent outdoor mesh curtain led video screen under production

Intelligent mesh curtain LED screen is an innovative product with new form and new display. It has the characteristics of permeability, light box, simple installation, long service life, low power consumption and pure color; cp-d series grid screen adopts dip, high brightness, stable display, breaking the limitations of traditional advertising, and successfully realizes the application of new media and advertising in architecture.

1. 30 ~ 80% permeability, hollow box structure, good heat dissipation capacity
2. High quality aluminum frame, weight 15kg / m2, 40% of the weight of traditional screen
3. High brightness direct plug LED lamp bead, high efficiency PFC special power supply, 50% energy saving than traditional
4. It can be installed and maintained from the front and back, and the light bar module can be quickly disassembled and replaced
5. Low temperature – 35 ℃, high temperature 80 ℃, rainstorm, Blizzard and other environment

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