how to do when the brightness of outdoor full-color LED display is different?

a good outdoor full-color LED display screen must adapt to different temperatures and different weather, and can be used in various occasions. It is very necessary to have a good effect on the far and near light. Especially in large-scale concerts, the special effect lighting should be particularly excellent, but sometimes we find that the brightness of LED is different What?

what is the reason for the inconsistent brightness of outdoor full-color LED display? Here, the small editor reminds you that the brightness inconsistency of full-color display screen is determined by two factors: the luminous element and the driving element.

LED light-emitting devices are inevitable in the production process. The smaller the brightness difference between the two adjacent levels, the better the consistency, but the more serious the phenomenon of low yield and high inventory. Therefore, the manufacturers control the brightness difference between the adjacent two gears at about 20%.

These chips contain 16 constant current drive outputs, and the current output value can be set by resistance. The output error of the same chip is controlled within 3%, and the output error of different chips is controlled within 6%. It is normal that 25% brightness error occurs between pixels of

LED display screen. If the LED light emitting tube is not of the same grade and type, the brightness error will rise to more than 40%.

in addition, it is worth noting that the inconsistent brightness of full-color LED display screen is the root cause of color screen, which can not be corrected by later correction equipment, but can only be realized in the production process of LED display manufacturer. So if you buy a screen with inconsistent brightness, please contact your service provider or manufacturer for solution.

therefore, when we encounter LED display brightness is not the same, we do not need to be particularly anxious, as long as we find the right way to find the problem, then we can easily solve similar abnormal situations. [large outdoor LED display screen]

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