How to deal with the stability of LED display?

From all kinds of parties to event reports, LED displays are basically inseparable from LED displays. Today, we will focus on material selection and system control

How to ensure the stability of stage LED display screen is explained in detail from three aspects: case and display screen working state.

material how to choose the raw materials of LED display screen, including LED lamp, driving IC, power supply, power signal connector, etc., are the most important factors to determine the quality of LED display screen

therefore, the requirements for material selection are as follows: international well-known brands, higher than the requirements of industry standards for relevant tests, and requirements for various protection functions. For example, switching power supply

Type I requirements: overheat protection, AC input to support wide voltage, anti surge. DC output should be protected by over-voltage and over-current. The structural design ensures the beauty and fashion of the box body,

Also to ensure good heat dissipation and fast splicing.

The technical requirements of
system control scheme requires high stability because of the particularity of stage LED display screen. So every loop of the system control scheme

Each node has hot backup function, including video transmitting and receiving equipment, signal transmission cable, etc. It can ensure that the system can be automatic when there is an unexpected situation in a certain link of the system

Diagnosis and switch to standby equipment at a very fast speed, the whole switching process will not affect the display effect.

For example, in order to meet the needs of the stage scene, the stage LED display screen needs to be mobile stitched in the live broadcast. If due to the negligence of the staff

Or other reasons, the signal input line of a certain display screen in the middle of the large screen is loosened. In the conventional control scheme, the signal input line starts from the box where the release occurs and ends at the end of the signal cascade,

All displays will have no signal. If a hot backup scheme is added to the control system, and the hot backup function is started at the moment of signal line loosening, then the stage LED display screen will

It can still work normally without any impact on the live broadcast.

real time monitoring the working state of LED display screen on stage can be real-time monitored by computer, including the work of temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke and cooling fan

State, etc. It can automatically adjust and deal with all kinds of situations, and provide position and alarm for abnormal.

for example, when the temperature inside a box is relatively high due to environmental or other factors, the power supply inside the box is not handled in time

Over temperature protection may occur at any time. If monitoring the working state of the display screen in this case, the system will reduce the interior of the display screen by intelligently adjusting the working state of the display screen

Temperature. When the intelligent adjustment can not reduce the temperature to the set target, the system will alarm through the staff setting mode, and provide the abnormal box position to inform the staff in time

In a word, in order to improve the stability of stage LED display screen, we should consider the material selection, hardware design, system control scheme and so on. [LED display screen]

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