How to customize LED high definition display?

Compared with the traditional display terminal, led high-definition display has more powerful function and longer service life. It has become a new choice for many customers. One of the reasons is to abandon the traditional LCD and adopt LED screen. However, some special occasions and special requirements require customized LED display, so how to order? What conditions do you need to order LED high definition display?

led high-definition display

1、 Determine basic data

The data of LED high-definition display screen will be applied in the modeling of the screen made by the manufacturer. If the screen is installed outdoors, these data must be submitted to the approval department as approval materials before going through the procedures. This step needs to be completed by consumers themselves, but it is just simple data such as the place of use and estimated size that can be obtained without accurate measurement.

2、 Looking for cooperation with manufacturers

After informing the demand and consulting the manufacturer for quotation, the professional design of LED high-definition display screen market recognition is high, consumers can choose according to their own discretion. After both parties have confirmed that there is no objection to the cooperation items, they will start to sign the contract. Special attention should be paid to the description of screen part size and the commitment of after-sales warranty service period. There are many manufacturers producing LED display screen. It is necessary to choose a reliable and professional manufacturer for cooperation.

3、 The screen starts making

The manufacturer is responsible for the production process of LED high-definition display screen. In this process, the manufacturer will purchase chips, led and other raw materials for assembly, and then make different boxes according to customer requirements for plug-in assembly. After these are completed, the next step of workshop test will be carried out. After a certain period of lighting test, the product will be delivered to the customer.

Looking at the above three steps, it can be seen that the ordering of LED high-definition display screen is simple and complicated. Most of the steps are handed over to the manufacturer to complete, and the details need to be cared by customers all the time. But generally speaking, for such customized products, the ordering process of LED high-definition display screen is really simple and smooth. Many consumers will worry about the delay of construction period, but if we can control the rhythm of “three steps”, we can avoid it in advance.

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