How to choose suitable air conditioner for outdoor LED full color display screen?

Outdoor LED full-color display is relatively large in heat, so it is necessary to use air conditioning to help heat dissipation. Otherwise, the display screen may be abnormal or even damaged or caught fire due to poor heat dissipation. Therefore, the use and selection of air conditioning is an important component in the design and installation of display screen. How to determine how many air conditioners are used for outdoor LED full-color display? How much air conditioning should be used?

First of all, we need to estimate the calorific value of the whole outdoor LED full-color display.

If the average power consumption of an outdoor LED display is 400W / flat (different products have differences), the area is 100 square meters. Then the total average power consumption of the display screen is 40kW. According to the 50% conversion rate of thermal power consumption, there is about 20kW heat generated inside the screen (without considering the heat generated by sunlight). However, the heat value calculated at this time can not be directly used as the reference value for selecting air conditioning specifications and quantity. For example, if 20kW is divided by 6kW, it is concluded that four 2.5P air conditioners are needed Also consider the structural characteristics of LED display.

The internal width (channel width) of outdoor LED display screen is generally between 0.6-0.8 meters, which is about 1 / 3 of the room height (2.8-3 meters) of the ordinary residential room. In other words, under the same area, the volume of the internal space of the display screen is only 1 / 3 of that of the ordinary residential room It can be increased by 3 times (because the space is smaller, i.e. 1p cooling capacity is equivalent to 7500w1.5p cooling capacity in ordinary room is equal to 10500w in ordinary room.

In brief, the estimation method of LED full-color display panel air-conditioning specifications (units) is to estimate the heat generated in the unit time of LED full-color display screen

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