How should Shenzhen display screen manufacturers go with the trends.

At present, scale is still an important lifeline for Shenzhen display manufacturers. The “public health event” in 2020 makes many LED screen enterprises pay more and more attention to “scale”, because many manufacturers find that once they do not have the support of scale, the operating costs of enterprises are rising in a straight line, and it is easy to fall into a round of “the higher the cost, the more immovable” the chain dilemma. This is obvious from the performance reports of Shenzhen display manufacturers in the first quarter.

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Since the first quarter of this year, a large number of display screen manufacturers have seen a sharp drop in sales volume and a comprehensive contraction in scale due to the “cold market and suspension of logistics and stores”. However, the internal operating costs of the enterprises are surging, especially the capital cost, production cost and management cost. Therefore, this has also been transmitted to the marketing department of the industry and began to significantly reduce the market push Wide cost, and delivery pressure doubled.

Especially for some leading screen enterprises in the industry, in the past three months, “impulse guarantee scale” has become the core task. More industry insiders said frankly: “in the current market environment, maintaining scale is not only the lifeline for enterprises to survive, but also the competition point to win in the stock market, because” if you win one, it means that your opponent will sell one less. “

In fact, it is not only Shenzhen display manufacturers who want to guarantee the scale, but also the channel dealers should be clear about the current market direction, that is, “sacrificing the momentum to guarantee the scale”. Because, behind a certain scale is the channel, the order, the customer, and the voice in the local market.

So, how can we compete in the current LED display market environment? Especially under the current channel of “low demand and tight consumption”, the market breakthrough and scale guarantee of display screen manufacturers and dealers are not only to solve the problem of making tuyeres and grabbing tuyeres, but also to directly attack the different needs of different regions and different groups, give full play to the technical advantages of their own products, and actively seize the stock through effective marketing promotion and other intensive cultivation strategies Market.

First of all, it is to seize the opportunity points of online platform to attract customers, grasp the opportunities of wechat business, live broadcast e-commerce and content e-commerce; secondly, accelerate the recovery of offline physical stores and brand experience stores, help dealers learn to play a round of guerrilla warfare of “high frequency, small-scale, less investment”, and actively seize the new opportunities for the government to stimulate consumption and revive the economy It is possible to look for more opportunities in the consumer market and commercial market that can be shipped.

Objectively speaking, although China’s LED display industry has entered a mature state, it has not yet completed the maturity and perfection. Many manufacturers have not really established and established the user management ability. In this state, the main task of all manufacturers is to seize the scale cake first, and then consider to be stronger, so as to win the market competition by scale Power and dominance, especially in the event of emergencies, the market has entered a downward channel. Manufacturers should maintain the profitability improvement based on a certain scale, so as to support the long-term development.

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