How long can a high quality LED video display be used?

How long can a good LED display be used? No one should be able to get an accurate answer to this question, because the purpose is not

In the same way, the working conditions of LED display are very different.

In terms of environment, the indoor temperature difference is small, without the influence of rain, snow and ultraviolet rays; the maximum temperature difference outside can reach 70 degrees, plus wind, sun and rain.

Harsh environment will aggravate the aging of LED electronic display screen, and the working environment is one of the important factors affecting the life of LED display screen. In addition, a good LED chip has the characteristics of attenuation, water vapor permeability and UV resistance

Very strong, so the quality of LED chip is the most important factor affecting the life of LED display. In addition to LED light-emitting devices, the display screen also uses many other peripheral components, including circuit board, plastic shell, and so on

Switch power supply, connector, case, any one of the components of the problem, may lead to the life of the display screen reduced. [LED full color screen manufacturer]

In addition, the production process of the LED display manufacturer is also a key factor to determine the display life. The production process involved in the production of LED display screen includes component storage and pretreatment process, furnace welding process, three prevention treatment process, waterproof sealing process, etc.

The effectiveness of
process is related to material selection and proportioning, parameter control and operator quality. The accumulation of experience is very important, so one has many years of experience

Experienced LED display manufacturers will be more effective in controlling the production process.

therefore, in order to ensure a longer service life of LED display, it is necessary to analyze the impact of environmental factors on the LED full-color display screen, and select the appropriate one

Appropriate device and manufacturing process are appropriate to ensure the life span. This process includes: life design, process control, reliability verification, and periodic verification

The display screen is maintained and tested.

only by doing a good job of routine maintenance, can we get a very good LED display. Generally speaking, maintenance and repair are not

Need to do every day, as long as regular maintenance of the display, you can get very good results.

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