Guangdong Province LED lighting product benchmark index officially announced

Recently, the science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, Zhongshan municipal government and the industry university research innovation alliance of Guangdong semiconductor lighting engineering province held a conference on the benchmarking index of LED lighting products in Zhongshan, the first local government in China to release the benchmarking index of LED lighting products.

“Guangdong Province LED lighting product benchmarking index” will develop a unified test method for LED street lamps, and conduct regular testing on the products to obtain the dynamic index representing the innovation level of LED lighting industry, that is, the benchmarking index, including 10 indicators of lighting lamps, such as ambient temperature, horizontal illumination, vertical brightness, temperature cycle and moisture durability.

The benchmarking index of LED lighting products will be promoted in several green lighting demonstration cities in Guangdong Province. When the conditions are ripe, the benchmarking index will be used as a guide to guide the research and formulation of local and national standards. At the same time, it will strengthen the contact with DOE energy star international standards research institutions in the United States, and timely promote the benchmarking index into the LED street lamp international certification system.

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