Full color LED display high-end brand market

more and more LED screen enterprises have completed the transformation and upgrading, the high-end market has attracted many LED screen enterprises to seize the share of food, and a large number of high-end full-color LED display brands have been born. However, in this fierce competition situation, it also attracted some speculators to fish in troubled waters.

On the one hand, they are a large number of products and brands under the banner of high-end, promoting at low prices in the first-line market, seizing cakes, fishing in troubled waters, disrupting the high-end market, and taking the direction of high-end competition; On the other hand, a large number of fake high-end and fake high-end products turn high-end products into high-profit business opportunities, but ignore the investment and construction of the brand, products and values behind the high-end, making the high-end market the next low-cost mire, and even tarnishing the reputation of the entire LED display industry. Under this pattern, the medium and high-end market has begun to deteriorate from blue ocean business opportunities to a red sea vicious struggle.

For a long time, the high-end market has been considered by many industry insiders to be the strategic highland of China’s LED display industry in the next decade or even for a longer time in the future. It is also the key to the survival and development of many screen enterprises. With more and more understanding of the essence of the high-end market, both brand makers, retailers and consumers have changed the concept that high price means high-end, and those enterprises that “sell dog meat with sheep’s head” will eventually become the past.

Recently, a photoelectric company in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, was arrested by Wucheng District branch of Jinhua Public Security Bureau for selling LED display panels with fake “Zhouming” and “unilumin” trademarks. This shows the firm attitude of the LED display industry to zero tolerance of “Li G”.

On the surface, the elimination competition of high-end brand of full-color LED display screen is a battle for business opportunities after the market cake is bigger. In fact, it is a chaotic battle brought about by the low high-end threshold and the lack of high-end standards in China’s LED display industry. The earlier the chaos breaks out, the more favorable it will be for the industry to realize transformation and upgrading and truly optimize the high-end market. With the advent of 2020, the market competition will further intensify, and the battle will become more intense.

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