four technologies help LED display to achieve high efficiency and energy saving

high efficiency and energy saving LED display screen is not a technical improvement of a certain device, but a technical innovation and transformation in many aspects of the overall scheme.

It only uses high-end components with high performance, brand-new processing technology, scientific and reasonable structural design, and also has the functions of single point detection and point by point correction, so as to make the brightness

The uniformity is less than 5%; and the flatness of the box should be improved to improve the display effect and reduce the failure rate of the screen body; in terms of energy saving, the kit is a new design, with reasonable control

Poor, high and low temperature work can adhere to the appropriate gap between modules; under the same brightness LED light working current is small, can effectively reduce heat; box device is intelligent

Temperature control and intelligent brightness control can reduce the display temperature, improve the display effect and prolong the life of the display screen.

1. Constant current noise reduction technology

LED display driver chip adopts the international advanced special chip system for LED display, which leads the field of full-color LED display screen.

According to the characteristics of its chip, the constant current noise reduction technology is developed to ensure that the influence of power supply and other noise sources on LED electronic display screen is minimized

Low level.2. Brightness adjustment technology

in order to adapt to different weather and make the display screen achieve the best display effect, LED electronic display screen specially designed a 256 level brightness adjustment device. Guarantee the whole

LED display can achieve the best display effect in various environments.

3. Strong convection heat removal system

LED display panel emits high heat when it works. In order to ensure the whole display system to operate in a stable state, the display panel cooling system is designed

There is a set of strong convection heat removal system. In addition, the use of aluminum heat transfer system is more reliable.

4. Special protection technology of environmental protection materials

adopts environmental protection materials, through special process, without pouring glue, it can make the LED display module achieve the environmental protection purpose of waterproof, dustproof and UV protection.

when selecting display products, customers need to clarify their own requirements for LED display screen, such as product application site, environmental analysis, and product expectations,

In order to select the right product, we should analyze all kinds of reasons.

through the above four points, we can save the energy consumption of led to the greatest extent, so we believe that in terms of cost and service life. It’s sure to give us something higher

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