Four problems not to be ignored in LED display

There are four problems that can not be ignored in LED display products

LED display screen products should use DC constant current power supply

In order to reduce the cost of products, some manufacturers use “resistance capacitance voltage reduction” to supply power to LED display products, which will directly affect the life of LED products. Special switch is adopted

Turn off the power supply to the LED display will not affect the service life of the product, the best is the constant current source, but the product cost is relatively high.       
2. It should be noted that the increase of temperature will reduce the internal resistance of LED display

When the LED is used, the internal resistance of the LED will increase when the LED is used

When the working current is fixed, the service life of LED display will be affected, and the LED light source will be burnt out seriously.

3. Pay attention to the sealing of LED display

No matter what led display screen products are used outdoors, they are faced with the problem of moisture-proof sealing. If they are not handled properly, they will directly affect the use of LED products

life. Now there are a small number of manufacturers with high requirements on product quality, which use the traditional epoxy resin “pouring” method to seal the LED display screen products, which is operated by this method

It is troublesome to get up. It is not suitable for LED products with large volume (such as LED guardrail lamp), which will increase the weight of products.

4. Anti static measures should be taken

During the processing and production of LED display screen products, certain anti-static measures should be taken, such as grounding the working platform, wearing anti-static clothing and anti-static ring,

Anti static ion fans can be installed if conditions permit. Meanwhile, the humidity of the workshop should be kept at about 65%, so as to prevent the air from being too dry to generate static electricity,

In particular, the green LED display screen is relatively easy to be damaged by static electricity. In addition, the antistatic ability of LED display screen with different quality grades is also different, and the high-quality LED displays have different antistatic ability

Antistatic ability should be stronger. [LED display screen]

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