Explain the basic structure of LED display screen and system

Carefully decompose an LED display screen, which is composed of the following elements. Take the more complex synchronous video screen as an example
① Metal structure frame
The indoor screen is generally composed of aluminum alloy corner aluminum or aluminum square tube, which is equipped with

various circuit boards such as display board and switching power supply. The outer frame is made of brown aluminum alloy

square tube, or aluminum alloy coated stainless steel, or sheet metal integration. According to the screen size and bearing

capacity, the outdoor screen frame is generally composed of angle steel or I-beam steel, and the outer frame can be decorated

with aluminum plastic plate.
② Display unit
The main part of the display screen is composed of luminous data and driving circuit. The indoor screen is the unit display board

of various specifications, and the outdoor screen is the unit box.
③ Scanning control board
The function of the circuit board is to buffer data, generate various scanning signals and duty cycle gray control signals.

④ Switching power supply
The 220 V AC is changed into various direct current to supply various circuits.
⑤ Twisted pair transmission cable
The display data and various control signals generated by the master controller are transmitted to the screen by twisted pair cable.
⑥ Main controller
The input RGB digital video signal is buffered, grayscale transformed, reorganized, and various control signals are generated.
⑦ Special display card and multimedia card
In addition to the basic functions of computer display card, it also outputs digital RGB signal and line, field, blanking signal to the

master controller.

In addition to the above functions, multimedia can also change the input analog video signal into digital RGB signal ( video acquisition)
⑧ Computer and its peripheral equipment
It is mainly used for synchronization of video playing signal [LED display screen]

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