Discussion: Internet plus brings three new opportunities to LED industry development

[LED display] Internet Plus + three new opportunities for LED industry development:
1. Smart wearable. It is estimated that the market scale of wearable devices in China will reach 13.56 billion yuan in 2015 and 22.8 billion yuan in 2016. Among them, LED has development opportunities in watches, bracelets, glasses, helmets, clothing, etc.

2. [LED display] smart home. In 2012, the scale of China’s smart home market reached 60 billion yuan. It is estimated that the

average growth rate will reach 25% from 2013 to 2020, and the market scale will reach 350 billion yuan in 2020. With the trend

of low-carbon and energy-saving lifestyle, it is predicted that China’s intelligent lighting market is expected to reach 100 billion

yuan in five years. In addition to intelligent lighting, LED lighting will also be used in digital TV and security fields. It is estimated

that the market scale of infrared LED in the security field will reach US $25.2 billion in 2015.

3. Intelligent Internet connected vehicle. The profit margin of automotive LED lighting is relatively high, and the average annual

compound growth rate of market scale from 2014 to 2018 is 9%. There are more than 20 kinds of lamps used in the whole car.

In addition to the LED lighting, the back light of the car dial, and the visible light communication after realizing the Internet of

vehicles have potential markets. [LED display screen]

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