China’s LED output ranks first in the world

        The LED industry is rapidly becoming one of the most popular industries, and in ten years it will be the world of LED. In 2009, the sales value of China’s LED industry reached 60 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 30%, making China one of the fastest growing regions of the global LED industry. China’s LED market is now in the process of great leap from 10 billion to 100 billion.

Japan is globalLEDThe largest producer of the industry occupies about50%Market share, the trend is almostLEDIndustry indicators. Taiwan, ChinaLEDIndustry’s share of global revenue17%Second only to Japan and ahead of South Korea, Europe and the United States. Taiwan is the world’s consumer electronics production base and the largest in the worldLEDDownstream packaging and midstream chip production site. Taiwan and the mainland of China mainly focus on the development of packaging and assembly, and the output occupies the first place in the world, and the output value ranks second in the world.

According to the analysis of relevant institutions, the output value of China’s LED industry will exceed 150 billion yuan in 2010, double that of 2008. It is estimated that as soon as 2015, the LED market share in China will reach 20%, driving the industrial scale to 500 billion yuan, and China will enter the top three of the global LED market. As a kind of semiconductor light-emitting device, the power consumption of LED is only 1 / 10 of that of incandescent lamp and 1 / 3 of that of energy-saving fluorescent lamp, but its life span is 100 times that of incandescent lamp. Compared with the traditional light source, LED does not use mercury, lead and other elements that are easy to cause pollution, and can also be recycled. It is a green light source. Under the idea of building energy-saving and environmental protection low-carbon economy, China’s LED industry will grow rapidly, and Shenzhen liansen optoelectronics will continue to develop and grow!

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