Cheering for Shenzhen Universiade Shenzhen LED display makes the event zero distance

It is the pride of the citizens of Shenzhen to cheer for the Universiade in Shenzhen and to sing the University Games. Shenzhen Universiade center, as the main venue of the University Games, is composed of three gem buildings. LED lighting system is used to make the three gem shaped buildings shine more brightly at night. The largest large-scale LED display screen in history is located in each event center, and has zero distance contact with Shenzhen University Games.

 it is understood that led display has never been stingy of its own style. This university sports meeting has been applied to the most luxurious large LED display screen in gymnasium, basketball court and other places. In particular, Shenzhen Bay Sports Center has built three LED high-definition high-definition large screens: one PH20 outdoor full-color screen, with an area of 16.64 m × 8.96 M = 149.09 m2, installed in the main stadium; the other two PH10 indoor three in one full-color screens are respectively installed on the north and south sides of the main stadium, each with an area of 11.52 m × 6.4 M = 73.73 m2. At present, these full-color screens have been installed and debugged. The project from the pre-sale, production, installation, commissioning, put into use and other links, as far as possible to meet the needs of every detail, to ensure the best display effect and stability of the display screen.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of “meeting the Universiade”, Shenzhen has also added the concept of environmental protection to the lighting improvement, including the renovation of street lighting facilities aging, the transformation of energy-saving lamps in the former special zone, and the renovation of high pole lamps in the former special zone, so as to replace the aging, high energy consuming and potential safety hazard street lighting facilities. More than 2000 high-pressure sodium lamps on more than 60 roads have been replaced by LED street lamps in the semiconductor lighting demonstration projects in the central district and the high-tech zone of the science and technology park. In addition, 355 greening transformation and upgrading projects have been basically completed, and 30 parks of various types have been newly built and 55 have been upgraded. The success of the Universiade, bright large LED display, reflects the development of LED display technology in China.

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